Arius Technology announces appointment of Matthew Hockley Smith as Global Curatorial Director and the opening of their London Office

Matthew Hockley Smith, Global Curatorial Director at Arius

Caption: Meet Matthew Hockley Smith, Arius' newly appointed Global Curatorial Director.

London May 2023, Award-winning technology company, Arius Technology, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Matthew Hockley Smith as Global Curatorial Director.

Matthew will oversee the cultural engagement activity for Arius globally, building relationships with artists and major collections in both the public and private sectors. This appointment also marks the Vancouver based company’s opening of a new office in London, with Matthew leading the formation and management of this new space.

Matthew brings over 35 years of experience and expertise in the art world to this position and joined because of his belief in the company’s technological facilities, commenting:

“I have been searching for a credible digital application in the art-world for some time. Arius' proprietary technology brings a level of data certainty that has been missing in the effective management of art as an asset class.”

As an industry professional, Matthew’s experience has been incredibly varied. He has spent considerable time with prominent organisations in the art world, working with Friends of the V&A, The Arts Council of England, Christie’s and Sales Director at Lisson Gallery, before starting his own art consultancy agency.

This breadth and depth of expertise makes him adept at responding to client needs and anticipating developments in the art sector. He will also continue to develop relationships with museums and galleries within the UK and internationally.

Arius’ Co-founder and Chairman Patrick Robinson said “Matthew’s positioning within the art world makes him a figure who is keenly in-tune with the industry and focused on stimulating its growth.

This aligns him with Arius’ goals - primarily, the use of innovative technology to support and maintain an art-rich culture globally.”

On the London office, Matthew commented “We have decided to open the forward operations of Arius International in London, with the formation of Arius UK Ltd, which will operate as the client facing function for the group. From London we can service both institutional and private clients within Europe, Africa and Asia.”

Patrick added “We are feeling very positive about our decision to open our business operations in London. The feedback we have had here from the art community has been so positive that it has driven our business strategy in new directions.”

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