Brown Eyes by Clausen

  • Preserving the world's greatest artworks using the richest reprographic technology available. Verus Art® replication textured prints provide a more authentic experience through capturing the depth, texture and color of Clausen's brushstrokes.
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    • Certified Special Museum Edition authorized by Tate
    • Printed on premium aluminum panels using the highest quality archival inks
    • Elevated print size Print Size 55.9cm  x (22” x 16.25”)
  • Brown Eyes replication textured print can be framed with a 100% hand crafted gilded wood frame, resulting in a look that complements the artwork.
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Brown Eyes by Sir George Clausen is one of several paintings Arius digitized in collaboration with Tate Britain. The resulting Art Digital Master File (ADMF™) is essentially a digital fingerprint of a painting's surface. The ADMF is archived for future analytics and was utilized to create ultra-high-resolution replication textured prints that ensures the authenticity of the artist's process.


Sir George Clausen's 'Brown Eyes,' is a captivating portrait showcasing the profound depth and emotion inherent in human expression, stands as a testament to the artist's extraordinary talent for capturing the essence of his subjects. The painting, a mesmerizing depiction of a young woman's gaze, draws viewers into a world of introspection and wonder. Clausen's masterful use of light and shadow, coupled with his delicate brushwork, brings to life the subject's eyes, which seem to hold a universe of stories untold. The artwork resonates with viewers on a deeply personal level, inviting them to ponder the thoughts and emotions that might lie behind those enigmatic brown eyes.

The allure of 'Brown Eyes' lies not just in its visual beauty but in its ability to evoke a sense of connection and empathy. Clausen, through this work, demonstrates his unique ability to transcend the boundaries of the canvas, creating a bridge between the subject and the observer. The painting's composition, centered on the subject's gaze, serves as a focal point that engages and holds the attention, while the subtle nuances in color and texture surrounding the eyes add layers of complexity and richness to the piece. 'Brown Eyes' is more than a portrait; it is an invitation to explore the depth of human emotion and the power of a simple glance to convey unspoken stories and feelings.


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