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Together, we can make art more accessible.

Engage. Excite. Educate.

Verus Art offers museums a turnkey program where we manage the entire process from “in-museum” scanning of paintings through elevated printing, framing, marketing and distribution of the final re-creations.

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Museum can use re-creations in educational outreach programs, ensuring art-rich culture and education is accessible to everybody.

Re-creations could also be used in special exhibits to help people understand our favourite artists better by being able to touch and feel the relief of the most valuable masterpieces in the world.

It’s important for the world’s greatest museums and galleries to be at the forefront of new technology and how it can benefit the future of art, from creation to curation and conservation.

Our museum partners always receive a royalty from each re-creation sold, which can help financially support the museum and art education or outreach programs.

The scan data we collect is always transferred to the museum for scientific, educational or commercial activities in the future.

The re-creations act as their own marketing campaign, helping to spread the story, both of the work and the museum, around the world.

National Gallery of Canada Collection

With our debut collection launching re-creations of several impressionist works, the National Gallery of Canada collaboration is a glowing example of how we can work together to provide both new commercial opportunities, as well as support education and outreach.

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Find out more about our Museum Partnership Programme

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