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Elevate your offering with textured prints of priceless masterpieces.

Great Masters That Can Be Taken Home.

Verus Art’s textured reproductions provide galleries and trade professionals with a unique and differentiated product line that’s perfect for both corporate buyers and fine art enthusiasts. As well as our debut collection, we have exciting new partnerships on the horizon, unlocking more works by the world’s most loved artists.

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Reach out to your collectors who have only ever dreamt of owning a real Van Gogh or Monet. Offer limited edition re-creations with Certificates of Authenticity that are signed by the museum.

Pioneers in art re-creation, Verus Art allows you to connect with early adopters who equally cherish art and the latest technology.

Re-creations provides a royalty to the partner museum, supporting educational outreach programs that maintain art-rich cultures around the world.

All Verus Art collections are exclusive limited editions, with re-creations coming with Certificates of Authenticity that are signed by the museum.

Welcome more potential customers in the door, by leveraging the names and artworks of the great masters.

For the first time, our elevated prints offer collectors like-for-like reproductions of masterpieces, without losing the texture of an artist’s original brushstrokes.

Working with Art Works Gallery, Vancouver

Following the launch of our debut collection, we paired with Art Works Gallery, Vancouver, to install our National Gallery of Canada collection. Working with a beautiful, large gallery space we helped the Art Works team create an exhibition that made a big impact. We used laser cut signage of master’s names to help draw in passers-by, and installed informative plaques to explain the masterpieces and the story behind the Verus Art Collection.

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Artists Featured

Carel Fabritius
Claude Monet
Edgar Degas
Paul Cézanne
Paul Gauguin
Tom Thomson
Vincent Van Gogh

Monet in Art Works Gallery Vancouver
Art Works Gallery Launch Vancouver
Van Gogh on Display in Art Works Gallery Vancouver

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