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Elevate your offering. The Verus Art Authorized Dealer Program

Unique and Exclusive.

Verus Art Re-creations provide galleries and trade professionals a unique and differentiated product line perfect for corporate buyers and art enthusiasts.

Benefit from new revenue channels, untapped customer bases and enhanced brand awareness, thanks to our innovative product offering. As well as our debut collection, we have exciting new partnerships on the horizon, with both internationally acclaimed museums and contemporary artists.

Become a Verus Art Authorized Dealer

Reach out to collectors who could only dream of owning a real Van Gogh, Monet or other world famous masterpiece, with limited edition re-creations and Certificates of Authenticity that are signed by the museum.

Pioneers in art re-creation, Verus Art allows you to connect with those early adopters who equally cherish art and love keeping up with latest technology.

Our gallery & trade partners are the first to be updated with new collections and can curate their own exhibition, choosing to showcase all or just some of the works available.

Leverage our investment in marketing and public relations. The re-creations act as their own marketing campaign, helping to spread the story, both of the collection and your business, around the world.

Each re-creation provides a royalty to the partner museum, supporting educational outreach programs, which help maintain an art-rich culture that is accessible to everybody.

It’s important for galleries to be at the forefront of new technology and how it can benefit the future of art – from curating and collecting to creation and conservation.

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