5 New Year Resolutions for Art Lovers

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2018 is almost here! It is the perfect time to pat yourself on the back for being such a dedicated art lover, and make new goals for the New Year!

As an art lover, you may have a different list of resolutions than the average individual. If you love art and are motivated to create more artworks in the New Year, here are some artistic New Year’s resolutions that you can use to get more inspiration! Are you ready to accept the new challenges and opportunities for 2018?

1. Visit Art Museums!

Source: https://www.tripadvisor.ca/
Source: https://www.tripadvisor.ca/

For all art lovers, walking around art museums and galleries is perhaps one of the most ideal ways to learn more about art history and current art trends. In 2018, why not make one of your main goals to experience fine art at one of the Top 10 Museums and Galleries in the world?

Or, if you are tight on budget during New Year, maybe you could visit one of the Top Free Museums Around the World, which include famous attractions such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in New York and both Tate Modern and Tate Britain, in the UK.

2. Subscribe to Art Websites!

Source: TimeOut.com
Source: TimeOut.com

Other than art museums and galleries, there are tons of resources online where you can stay updated about the current art market and interesting art news!

For example, ARTnews is the oldest art magazine in the world and serves as a trusted source of art criticism and news in the digital age. Plus, these Top 10 art websites are ranked by TimeOut on the latest trends in contemporary art. Start subscribing to these websites today to stay on the pulse with your favourite trends and artists in 2018!

3. Attend Art Festivals and Events!

Source: http://www.discoverhongkong.com
Source: http://www.discoverhongkong.com

Art Festivals are where the most amazing and talented artists around the world gather and share their artworks. Although the Internet has allowed art lovers to enjoy artworks around the world without traveling, nothing will ever beat a real-life experience. Listening to the artists explain their motivations and stories behind the painting will inspire the artist in you! Take a look at the 10 Must-Visit Art Festivals Around the World to add to your checklist for 2018!

4. Start a New Art Collection!

Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/
Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/

For the New Year, one of your resolutions could be to start your first, or another, art collection! Don’t worry if you have a small budget, there will always be suitable art options for you! Read the Beginner’s Guide to Starting an Art Collection, by Business Insider, to get some tips and inspiration.

Art fairs are also the perfect place to find a new favourite art piece. You will see amazing works from various galleries all at once, and the dealers are eager to make sales. Check out the Top International Art Fairs around the world for high-end art fairs. Or, if you are looking for affordable artworks, you can browse through this list of Affordable Art Fairs.

5. Embrace New Techniques/Mediums!

Source: https://mymodernmet.com/
Source: https://mymodernmet.com/

If you like being hands-on with art, 2018 maybe a good year to explore a new art technique or medium you’ve never tried before! Learn about Works of Art Made Using Unusually Awesome Mediums such as trash, spilled coffee, cassette tapes, jell-o and even more!  Learning a new medium may even help you to overcome creative blocks. Art should be fun, and everything can be art, so for this new year, try out a new art medium, or even create one yourself!

Source: https://mymodernmet.com/
Source: https://mymodernmet.com/

Artworks made of cassette tapes (above) and jell-o (below)!

Source: https://mymodernmet.com/

2018 can be your year to be an artist and a more dedicated art lover! Start by visiting an art museum you’ve never been to, attend art festivals, and start your own collection!

Verus Art wishes you a Happy New Year, full of creativity and inspiration!


Feature Image Credit: https://www.sugarlift.com/

10 Most Expensive Paintings Sold in 2017

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A record breaking year for art sales in 2017! This year all high expectations were more than achieved with the paintings sold. If you haven't already heard (which would surprise us) the most expensive painting ever sold in history occurred this November at Christie's art auction; a smashing $450 million for a da Vinci!

Blowing all other sales out of the park, this sale makes others look small in comparison. However, 2017 was a year of incredible sales on top of the da Vinci.

As the year comes to an end, we thought it would be fun to recap on 2017 with the Top 10 most expensive paintings sold, much like we did last year!

(Feature Photo Credit: CBS)

10. Femme accroupie (Jacqueline), Pablo Picasso (1954)

$36.9 million, sold via Christie’s New York on November 13th, 2017

Painted in 1954, the portrait of Jacqueline, Picassos’ lover, was hung for many years in his private collection; rarely being seen to the public eye.  Jacqueline was married to Picasso from 1961, until his death in 1973. She appeared in more of his works than any other woman before her, and this painting was regarded by Picasso as one of his greatest masterpieces. He completed a total of 3 portraits of Jacqueline the day he created this piece, a very productive day! This piece was sold to an unknown buyer, and had previously never been sold at auction before.

9. Untitled, Cy Twombly (2005)

$46.5 million, sold via Christie’s New York on November 15th, 2017

Photo source: Christie's

Christie’s was marketing it as “the largest work in Cy Twomby’s legendary Bacchus series;” Cy Twomby’s “Untitled” is one of 20 in the series that was painted in the second set in 2005. The piece is 10 feet high and 16 feet wide, and was executed using a pole with a brush attached to it. Bacchus was the Roman god of agriculture, wine and fertility – and came up several times in Twombly’s work over the years. The imagery used in the painting is said to represent dropping wine or blood. This painting was sold to an anonymous telephone bidder, the estimated price was $40 million.

8. Three Studies of a Portrait of George Dyer, Francis Bacon (1963)

$51.8 million, sold via Christie’s New York on May 17th, 2017

Photo source: Christie's

Three Studies of a Portrait of George Dyer is a rare triptych, and was expecting to go for $35-45 million. George Dyer was a significant person in Bacon’s career. Appearing in over 40 paintings, many of the works including the subject, radiate passion, energy, and an impressive presence – Three Studies of a Portrait of George Dyer is no exception. Dyer impacted Bacon’s work in many ways, even after his death. Their meeting was a popular story – with Dyer breaking into Bacon’s studio, attempting to steal his works. From this moment on, their relationship consisted of infatuation and love. They both played a big role in each other’s life until Dyer died from an overdose in 1971. Francis Bacon’s paintings that include Dyer are known to be the most intimate and intensely personal works of art of the 20th century.

7. Bauerngarten, Gustav Klimt (1907)

$59.3 million, sold via Sotheby’s London, on March 1st, 2017

Photo source: Sotheby's

Advertised by Sotheby’s as “one of the greatest works by the artist ever to appear at auction,” “Bauerngarten” was the third most expensive artwork ever sold at auction in Europe. The painting had been bought by Sotheby’s from its owner, a Canadian collector, before it was fought over by four telephone bidders at the auction. The work was purchased by a German-speaking telephone buyer, although their identity has yet to be revealed. Bauerngarten is a beautifully colourful Viennese masterpiece, inspired by a rustic garden of the Mayr-Hof, outside of Vienna. Renowned since its first exhibit in Vienna in 1908, this work of art is still viewed as one of the artist’s finest landscapes.

6. Sixty Last Suppers, Andy Warhol (1986)

$63.3 million, sold via Christie’s New York on November 15th, 2017

This work, inspired by The Last Supper by da Vinci, was part of a project that was the last of Warhol’s life. Following his sudden death, a month after the exhibition opened, this art event spun into a mass-media display. The Sixty Last Suppers was the biggest of the collection and makes the reproductions included in the work look like building with identical units, instead of the work of da Vinci. Sixty Last Suppers buyer has not been revealed. But it was sold from the estate of Andy Warhol and the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

5. Contraste de forms, by Fernand Léger (1913)

$70.1 million, sold via Christie’s New York, on November 13th, 2017

Contraste de forms belongs to a collection of paintings that advanced Léger beyond Cubism, and into the contemporary art world. Leger was a French painter during the 1800s, and has been regarded as the trailblazer of pop art.  The collection, as with much of Léger’s art, has an emphasis on primary colours, round abstract forms, and has come to be regarded as “Tubism”. Most of the paintings in these series live in major institutions today. This painting was sold from the property of Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Foundation – and the sale of this painting was to go towards the foundations’ philanthropic purposes.

4. Laboureur dans un champ, by Van Gogh (1889)

$81.3 million, sold via Christie’s New York, on November 13th, 2017

Photo Source: Youtube

Laboureur dans un champ was reportedly painted during the artist’s stay at the Saint-Paul asylum in Saint-Remy, France. It is said to be one of the first paintings Van Gogh created following his doctor’s orders to stay away from his work until he was recovered. Vincent wrote to his brother about his struggle and the unbearable months without his work to distract him. This painting is one of many that reflect Van Gogh’s view from the asylum. He painted about 13 pieces of this setting, all with very similar elements, farm houses, fields and hills. This painting was sold by the estate of billionaire couple, Nancy Lee Bass and Perry R. Bass. It was estimated to sell for $50 million, therefore selling quite above the estimated price.

3. Untitled, by Jean-Michel Basquiat (1982)

$110.5 million, sold via Sotheby’s New York, on May 18th, 2017

Photo Source: Yusaku Maezawa’s Twitter

2. Masterpiece, by Roy Lichtenstein (1962)

$165 million, sold by Agnes Gund in January 2017

Photo source: Bloomberg

A classic Leichtenstein painting, “Masterpiece” features his classic Ben-Day dots and a speech balloon. It is known for the narrative in the speech bubble that is foreshadowing his fame: “Why Brad darling, this painting is a masterpiece! My, soon you’ll have all of New York clamoring for your work” – a tongue in cheek joke that reflects upon his career as an artist. It was part of Lichenstein’s first exhibition at Ferus Gallery in LA.

He often used the name Brad in his other works, and stated that he thought it sounded heroic and cliché. Following Agnus Gunds, sale of the art work in January, it was revealed that a hedge fund billionaire, Steve Cohen, purchased the work. The money from the sale was used to start a fund for criminal justice reform, as Agnus Gunds is a known philanthropist. This masterpiece also falls under the top 20 paintings ever sold!

1. Salvator Mundi, by Leonardo da Vinci (c. 1500)

$450.3 million, sold via Christie’s New York on November 13th, 2017

Known as “The Last da Vinci,” this painting is one of 16 paintings by Leonardo that is still in existence today, and the last known work still in a private collection. This sale smashed the record for the most expensive piece of art ever sold – making history. The last remaining record was held at $300 million, privately sold. Before the sale, art appreciators from around the world lined up for viewings held in Hong Kong, London, San Francisco, and New York, to catch a glimpse at the rediscovered Da Vinci painting.

The bidding for this painting went on for 20 minutes – jumping by 20, then 30 million each bid. The buyer has now been revealed to be Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Meanwhile, the art community still recovers from shock.

Such a bidding war has art buyers wringing their hands over the future economics of art dealings. Forecasting has put the first $1 billion painting to be sold in 2030 with the current trendline! We will just have to wait and see what takes place next year.

blue and yellow cupcakes and starry night painting

Creative Cooking With These Works Of (Edible) Art

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Cooking and baking are often said to be an art. Perfecting each recipe can have the same feeling as perfecting a piece of art. And often, cooking takes some creativity – just like art does. So, why not combine the two?

We have put together a list of our favourite art inspired food to encourage all the foodies out there. Get artsy in the kitchen with these amazing ideas below.

The Starry Night Cupcake

blue and yellow cupcakes and starry night painting
Source: Pintrest

Inspired by Van Gogh’s “A Starry Night,” these art-tastic cupcakes are just calling our name. If you are a foodie who just loves to bake, try mixing it up with this amazing icing work of art. We are huge fans of Van Gogh, so do let us know if you recreate this recipe!

All you need to add to your usual recipe is some blue and yellow food colouring, and you are set! The ones pictured were by Salomie – and made with a set of vanilla and chocolate cupcakes as well as cream cheese icing. (Tip: use a star tip to squeeze the blue icing, and round tip for the yellow!)

Piet Mondrian Pound Cake

Mondrian pound cake and painting
Source: Feasting on Art

This cake, inspired by the Mondrian, was recreated by Megan Fizell. Mondrian has many composition numbers, so it is up to you how you would like to style this cake!  This recipe used natural food dye with fruit, however; the natural food die could be subbed with food colouring if you wanted to get a more vibrant colour. We think this one is great if you want to experiment a little and have fun trying different techniques – isn’t that what art is all about? Check out the full recipe here.

Impression Sunrise Cocktail

blue cocktail and blue painting by monet
Source: Kevin's Cocktails

Although a cocktail isn’t technically food – we just loved the inspiration behind this colourful cocktail and had to share it. It is taken from the Impression, Sunrise painting by Monet, seen above. This very work began the use of the term “Impressionism” – used to describe Monet and other artists of his time.

With Gin, Blue Curaçao, Maraschino Liqueur, Lemon, Tonic, & Rhubarb Bitters – this cocktail was created by Kevin Postupack, with this painting and its beautiful colours in mind. Add a round cut from an orange peel to achieve the appearance of the sunset – and it is ready to be served!

Wassily Kandinsky Pizza

Pizza and painting with red circles
Source: Pintrest

This pizza interpretation of Wassily Kandinsky’s “Color Study: Squares with Concentric Circles” has got to be one of our favourites! Made with ingredients that can be found in any kitchen – we hope you feel up to putting this one together when you’re feeling artsy.

To make this pizza, coat the dough with pureed fresh tomatoes to recreate the reds of the painting. Then add the slices of delicate-squash rings, slices of soppressata and halves of brussels sprouts to create the circles! Bake at 475 degrees for about 25 minutes, or until it is golden on the edges. Enjoy 😊

Jackson Pollock Cookies

cookies with easels and paint splatters
Source: Pintrest

These cookies are a fabulous recreation of some of Jackson Pollock’s works of art! We found them on Jacks & Kate. Made with a standard sugar cookie recipe, the icing takes the cake (no pun intended) with its creativity! Remember to let the cookies cool completely before icing them with a layer of white icing.

Next, use different food colouring to dye small quantities of icing – using these colours to splatter the remaining icing onto the cookies. We just love the final touch of the mini easels, really making it look like a work of edible art!

Scream Cheese Brownies

brownies and scream painting
Source: Sugary Winzy

Now this is an actual work of art. Cream cheese icing as the paint and brownie batter as the canvas! We think this recreation of Edvard Munch’s “Scream” must be the best (and most delicious) out there. Hats off to Sugary Winzy! If you’re feeling extra artistic today, we suggest you give this recipe a go! The worst that can result is a batch of delightful cream cheese brownies – so try not to be too discouraged if you can’t get the scream to look just right.


These creative and delicious food ideas make us hungry for more – pun intended this time! Send us your attempts of the recipe’s above or share your own ideas. We would love to hear from all you foodies!

6 Romantic Vacation Destinations for Art Loving Couples

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What is your ideal vacation destination with your loved one? Cancun, Maldives, Bali, or Disneyland?  For art-loving couples, your answer may be different from the majority. Not only romantic and fun, the ideal destination should also be artistic and culturally rich.

To give you some ideas, we have gathered our 6 favourite vacation destinations for art-loving couples. We also included the famous art museums and galleries at each location! Finding romance and culture at the same place, your experience will be unforgettable.

1. Paris France

Source: https://www.castille.com/

With over 1,000 art galleries, and 150 museums, Paris oozes with romance and is the dream destination for art lovers. The Louvre is one of the largest, oldest, and perhaps the most famous art museums, which houses over 35,000 pieces of work – including the most famous Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci. Understandably, many couples have also chosen this setting to have their wedding photos taken!

Among Paris’ other art museums, impressionist fans will love Musée d’Orsay and Musée de l'Orangerie, which houses Claude Monet’s masterpieces. Contemporary art by masters such as Matisse and Picasso can also be found at the Centre Georges Pompidou.

Effel Tower
Source: https://www.fourseasons.com

Don’t forget the amazing nightview of the Effel Tower! After a day of museum-visiting, this is a perfect place to enjoy your honeymoon.

2. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam Romantic
Source: http://www.traveligy.com

Amsterdam is the capital of The Netherlands, which nurtures many famous painters like Vincent van Gogh, Johannes Vermeer, Rembrandt, and Carel Fabritius. To top it off, the city has an elegant cityscape of 165 waterways and 1280 bridges. Imagine sitting together in a boat, with the glittering city lights passing by – can you think of anything more romantic?

Van Gogh Museum
Source: https://stories.trvl.com

The Van Gogh Museum is undoubtedly a must-see for art lovers. An entire museum dedicated to Van Gogh – it holds the world’s largest Vincent van Gogh collection which includes SunflowersAlmond Blossom, and Self Portrait with Straw Hat. The front of the museum is even decorated with sunflowers, which shows respect to Van Gogh and enhances the artistic atmosphere even more!

Van Gogh Museum
Source: http://expatshaarlem.nl/

We love that the Van Gogh Museum even created this Insta-worthy Sunflower Maze!

3. New York City, United States

New York Romantic
Source: http://citycelebrity.ru

New York’s art scene is arguably the biggest in North America. Contemporary art lovers would be drawn in to the endless options of museums, including world-famous MoMA. Local operators like New York Gallery Tours, will also take you to the most fascinating galleries in Chelsea, SoHo, Tribeca and the Lower East Side.

Metropolitan Museum of Art
Source: https://www.cheatsheet.com

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the most iconic art museum in New York, which contains more than 2 million pieces of precious historical art including works by European masters such as Vermeer, Monet and Rembrandt. This is a must-visit for art-loving couples!

Metropolitan Museum
Source: https://www.wellesley.edu

Together with your loved one, it will be easy to find yourself immersed in the thriving artistic culture of New York City.

4. Barcelona, Spain

Source: http://data.whicdn.com

Home of many famous artists such as Picasso and Dali, sunny Spain is a heavenly place for art-loving couples! Museo Picasso houses one of the largest collections of Picasso in the world. Top tourism attractions also include the remarkable buildings created by architectural artist Antoni Gaudi, which decorated the entire city with beautiful, romantic palaces.

Source: http://www.argophilia.com

The Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (MNAC), which houses a great amount of Romanesque, Baroque and Gothic works, is another must-visit museum in Barcelona. We love how the architecture of the museum itself looks like a piece of art!

5. Florence, Italy

Florence Italy
Source: http://hdlatestwallpaper.com

Florence is the best vacation destination for couples who love Renaissance art! Home to the iconic David sculpture and other pieces of Michelangelo’s famous work, Galleria dell’Accademia should be at the top of your travel checklist. This romantic city is also surrounded by beautiful gardens and rivers, as well as plenty of renaissance styled architecture.

Source: https://asset-cdn-02.specticast.com

Don’t forget to save a day for the Uffizi Gallery, which hosts masterpieces by great Italian artists such as Botticelli, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Raffaello. It is the home of Botticelli’s Birth of Venus and Raphael’s Madonna of the Goldfinch.

6. London, England

London Romantic
Source: https://media.timeout.com/

London is the home of some of the world’s best museums (many of which are free) as well as over 200 galleries, and their art collections range from modern to traditional. The Tate Modern houses paintings by famous contemporary artists such as Lichtenstein. In addition, the British Museum hosts world masterpieces by Vincent van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, and Rosetta Stone.

Tate Britain
Source: http://ilarge.lisimg.com

Tate Britain is another iconic museum that houses the largest collection of British Art in the world! After you finish a lovely day at the museum, don’t forget to enjoy London’s romantic night view!

For art-loving couple, it doesn’t get more romantic than walking hand-in-hand through world’s greatest museums while admiring the breath-taking artworks. From Amsterdam, to Paris, to Florence, we hope you can find culture, art and romance all in the same place with your loved one!


Feature Image Credit: Sara Monika

Paris Wedding
Source: https://www.theparisphotographer.com/

Indulge Your Artistic Self With Art Quotes Of The Month

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Are you an art lover with an appeal to art history? Do you enjoy great masterpieces by renowned artists? We have just the thing for you to indulge that artsy side of you: art quotes!

A Stormy Sea by Monet

With the Verus Art collection we bring art to the people. Our textured reproductions accurately capture the colour and relief of the artists brushstrokes. These great masters can be brought out of the museum and into your home or gallery – allowing art to be appreciated and enjoyed by all!

Another way we hope to bring these great masters to you is through their words. Below is a list of some of our favourite quotes by the artists in the Verus Art collection. We hope these words bring you closer to the artists – just as their brushstrokes do.

Flowers in paint

Bowl of Zinnias and Other Flowers



“I dream my painting and I paint my dream.”

Vincent van Gogh



“Everyday I discover more and more beautiful things. It’s enough to drive one mad. I have such a desire to do everything, my head is bursting with it.”

– Claude Monet  

Woman with an Umbrella



“A painting requires a little mystery, some vagueness, and some fantasy. When you always make your meaning perfectly plain you end up boring people.”

– Edgar Degas



“Art is either plagiarism or revolution.”

 – Paul Gauguin

Yellow Sunset by Tom Thomson


"Sometimes I imagine colors as if they were living ideas, being of pure reason with which to communicate. Nature is not on the surface, it is deep down.”

– Paul Cézanne


“The maples are about all stripped of leaves now, but the birches are very rich in colour... the best I can do does not do the place much justice in the way of beauty.”

 – Tom Thomson

Art Costumes for Halloween

Halloween Costume Party for Art Lovers – 10 Costumes Inspired by Famous Paintings

October 17th, 2017 Posted by For Art Lovers 0 comments on “Halloween Costume Party for Art Lovers – 10 Costumes Inspired by Famous Paintings”

The Sunflowers, Mona Lisa, Girl with a Pearl Earring; have you ever imagined wearing your favorite paintings as costumes? Or have you pictured yourself being Vincent van Gogh for a day? Well, it’s the perfect time of year to get creative and step into the shoes (or canvas!) of your favorite art. This Halloween why not opt for a unique, art-inspired costume?

To get you started, we have gathered 10 fabulous Art-themed costumes, each representing a famous painting or artist! The costumes are also suitable for both kids and adults, so why not dress up the whole family? Read below to find your favorite painting and get prepared for this Halloween!

1. Self-Portrait, by Vincent van Gogh

Self Portrait Van Gogh
Van Gogh Costume
Source: The House That Lars Built

Straw-hat, Tobacco Pipe and a reddish beard, Vincent van Gogh is probably the most recognizable artist around the world.  Van Gogh has painted 36 self-portraits throughout his life! painting to dress as one of the most famous artist this Halloween!

2. Mona Lisa, by Leonardo da Vinci

Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa Costume
Source: Pinterest

The Mona Lisa is described as the “best known, most visited, most written about, and most sung about, work of art in the world.” It has the highest known insurance valuation in history (100 million dollars) as stated in the Guinness World Record. Simply by printing a poster of the painting, adding a gold cardboard frame and cutting out a space for the face, both you and your children can picture yourselves inside the most valuable painting in the world!

3. Composition with Red Blue and Yellow, by Piet Mondrian

Composition with Red Blue and Yellow,
Composition with Red Blue and Yellow Costume
Source: Top Brands

Composition with Red Blue and Yellow is a famous work of abstraction created in 1930, by Mondrian. This painting is a representation of the Dutch De Stijl movement or “The Style” – overlapping of individual theoretical and artistic pursuits. Today, Top Brands has recreated this painting in the form of a dress, which would be perfect for both everyday-wear and an artistic Halloween costume!

Composition with Red Blue and Yellow Makeup
Source: Pinterest
Composition with Red Blue and Yellow Makeup
Source: Pinterest

Makeup artists are also inspired by this famous abstract painting – looking modern and stylish on both male and female models!

4. Girl with a Pearl Earring, by Johannes Vermeer

Girl with a Pearl Earring
Girl with a Pearl Earring Costume
Source: The House That Lars Built

Girl with a Pearl Earring is Vermeer’s most famous painting, forgotten until its rediscovery in the late nineteenth century. Today we consider the work as a masterpiece and even as the ‘Dutch Mona Lisa’. Using simple props such as yellow and blue headpiece, a pair of large pearl earrings, and red lipstick, you will shine just like the pearl at any Halloween party!

5. Old Guitarist, by Picasso

The Old Guitarist
The Old Guitarist Costume
Source: The House That Lars Built

The Old Guitarist illustrates a blind, old man weakly hunching over his guitar, playing in the streets of Barcelona. This painting is the best representation of Picasso’s Blue Period, which lasted from 1901-04, filled with subjects painted in moody blues and greens. Blue dress, blue make-up and hair, and an old guitar, your chance to dress as the famous Picasso painting!

6. American Gothic, by Grant Wood

American Gothic
American Gothic Costume
Source: Pinterest

American Gothic is one of the most famous paintings in American art history. It is a primary example of Regionalism, strongly opposed European abstract art. This painting has become a major part of American popular culture and the couple has been the subject of numerous parodies. This is probably the best costume idea for couples who both love art! With a fork from the hardware store and few visits to your local thrift store, you’re likely to find the perfect costume.

7. The Sunflowers, by Vincent van Gogh

The Sunflowers
Source: Cassie Stephens
Source: Cassie Stephens

Vincent van Gogh loved to paint Sunflowers – he has painted two series of the Sunflowers both in Paris and Arles. Using bright yellow paints and vigorous brushstrokes, Van Gogh depicts a feeling of liveliness and joy. This costume has amazingly re-created this masterpiece with hand-sewed sunflowers! The cozy sunflowers sweater with blue dress as the background will keep you warm while having fun for Halloween!

8. Man in a Bowler Hat, René Magritte

Man in a Bowler Hat
Source: Boredpanda.com

René Magritte was a Belgian surrealist artist and was well-known for his mysterious and though-provoking paintings. In many of his paintings, he used the image of a man wearing a bowler hat, with various objects covering his face. From white doves to green apples, you can easily prepare the costume for this painting for yourself or your children!

9. Self Portrait, by Frida Kahlo

Self Portrait, by Frida Kahlo
Frida Kahlo Costume
Source: Pinterest

Frida Kahlo de Rivera was a famous Mexican painter, painting mostly self-portraits. She used a folk art style to explore questions of race, class, gender and identity in Mexican society. Recreating Frida’s unique make-up style and making a bold flower crown will help you to complete this look with a low budget!

10. Bust of a Woman, by Pablo Picasso

Bust of a woman
Picasso Halloween Costume
Source: Pinterest

Pablo Picasso pioneered the Cubism movement, a revolutionary style of modern art that Picasso developed in response to the fast-changing modern world. To dress as Picasso’s paintings, you have a lot of freedom and flexibility to be creative! To demonstrate his cubism style, feel free to use contrasting colors, bold lines, and different combinations of geometric shapes!

Hope you have an amazing Halloween!

film camera with white shirt

10 Movies Every Art Enthusiast Will Adore

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In celebration of Loving Vincent movie being released, we have put together a list of our favorite movies inspired by famous artists! Read on to see our top 10 list!

The Original ‘Self-Portrait’ King – 10 Paintings To See Van Gogh Through His Own Eyes

September 15th, 2017 Posted by For Art Lovers 1 comment on “The Original ‘Self-Portrait’ King – 10 Paintings To See Van Gogh Through His Own Eyes”

Reddish hair, bandaged ear and intense gaze, Vincent van Gogh has always been one of the most recognizable artists around the world. Art lovers are undoubtedly quick to note his iconic features from his famous self-portraits. Throughout his life, Van Gogh has painted 36 self-portraits, each with a slightly different style, representing the painter’s evolutionary path in his art career. Like for many artists,  self-portraits are an exploration of Van Gogh’s change in personality, mind-set, and style of painting.

In, chronological order, here are 10 of the most significant self-portraits from different time periods in Van Gogh’s life. The paintings are also housed by various museums around the world, perfect to add to your Van Gogh travel checklist!

1. Self-Portrait with Pipe | Spring 1886, Paris

Source: Web Gallery of Art
Source: Web Gallery of Art

Rijksmuseum Vincent van Gogh, Amsterdam

The Rijksmuseum is located at the Museum Square in Amsterdam, very close to the Van Gogh Museum! The Rijksmuseum is a national museum dedicated to history and arts in Amsterdam.

2. Self-Portrait | Autumn 1886, Paris

Source: Web Gallery of Art
Source: Web Gallery of Art

Haags Gemeentemuseum, The Hague

The Gemeentemuseum is best known as a modern palace of the arts in The Hague. You can find the world’s largest Piet Mondrian collection here, as well as art by Monet, Van Gogh, Picasso, and many others!

3. Self-Portrait in a Grey Felt Hat | Winter 1886/87, Paris

Source: Source: Web Gallery of Art
Source: Source: Web Gallery of Art

Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

The Stedlijk Museum is a museum mainly for contemporary art in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The collection includes art from early 20th century to the 21st century, and features famous artists such as Vincent van Gogh!

5. Self-Portrait with Straw Hat | March-April 1887, Paris

Source: Web Gallery of Art
Source: Web Gallery of Art

Institute of Arts, Detroit

The Detroit Institute of Arts, located in Michigan, has one of the greatest and most important art collections in the United States. When Van Gogh moved to Paris between 1886 and 1888, he started to use lighter colors under the influence of the bright colors of the impressionists. His experience in Paris was a joyful one, and this light-hearted self-portrait created during the summer of 1887, is the best representation of this!

5. Self-Portrait | Spring 1887, Paris

Source: Web Gallery of Art
Source: Web Gallery of Art

Rijksmuseum Kröller-Müller, Otterlo

This self-portrait is collected by the Kröller-Müller Museum, which has the second-largest Van Gogh collection in the world, with almost 90 paintings and over 180 drawings. The Van Gogh Gallery exhibits selections of about 40 artworks by Vincent van Gogh. In addition, you will find masterpieces by modern masters such as Pablo Picasso, Georges Seurat, Claude Monet, and Piet Mondrian.

6. Self-Portrait | Autumn 1887, Paris

Source: Web Gallery of Art
Source: Web Gallery of Art

Musée d'Orsay, Paris

The Musée d'Orsay museum is located in Paris, France, houses the largest collection of impressionist and post-impressionist masterpieces in the world, by painters including Monet,  Degas,  Cézanne,  Gauguin, and Van Gogh.

With over 36 self-portraits, Vincent van Gogh often used himself as a model in his short-lived artist career. In one of his letters to his sister, Van Gogh says,  "I am looking for a deeper likeness than that obtained by a photographer." To his brother, Van Gogh wrote, "People say, and I am willing to believe it, that it is hard to know yourself. But it is not easy to paint yourself, either. The portraits painted by Rembrandt are more than a view of nature, they are more like a revelation".

7. Self-Portrait | September 1888, Arles

Source: Web Gallery of Art
Source: Web Gallery of Art

Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University, Cambridge

Fogg Art Museum is Harvard's oldest museum, featuring American & European art from the Middle Ages to the present day.

“Van Gogh inscribed this painting ‘To my friend Paul Gauguin,’ and sent it to him. He described the process of creating his arresting likeness in several letters to his brother Theo, an art dealer in Paris, explaining how he manipulated his features in response to Japanese prints, changed the contours of his jacket for coloristic effect, and painted the background “pale veronese green” without any shadows. Shortly after he sent the work to Gauguin, however, their friendship deteriorated, and Gauguin sold it for three hundred francs.”

— Fogg Art Museum

8. Self Portrait | November-December 1888, Arles

Source: Web Gallery of Art
Source: Web Gallery of Art

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, located in New York City, is the largest art museum in the United States. It was the second most visited art museum in the world in 2016.

In this self-portrait, you can see Van Gogh’s use of Neo-Impressionist technique and color theory! It is one of several paintings that are created on the reverse of an earlier peasant study.

9. Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear | January 1889, Arles

Source: Web Gallery of Art
Source: Web Gallery of Art

Courtauld Gallery, London

The Courtauld Gallery is an art museum in central London. It houses the art collection of the Courtauld Institute of Art, a self-governing college of the University of London specializing in the study of the history of art.

“This self-portrait was painted shortly after Van Gogh returned home from hospital having mutilated his own ear. The prominent bandage shows that the context of this event is important. On the left, a blank canvas suggests that there is more work to come from this artist, as indeed there was, and a Japanese print on the right relates to an area of great artistic interest for him.”

— Courtauld Gallery

10. Self-Portrait | September 1889, Saint-Rémy

Source: Web Gallery of Art
Source: Web Gallery of Art

Musée d'Orsay, Paris

Last but not least, one of the world’s most loved Van Gogh self-portraits.

“In this head-and-shoulders view, the artist is wearing a suit and not the pea jacket he usually worked in. Attention is focused on the face. His features are hard and emaciated, his green-rimmed eyes seem intransigent and anxious. The dominant color, a mix of absinth green and pale turquoise finds a counterpoint in its complementary color, the fiery orange of the beard and hair. The model's immobility contrasts with the undulating hair and beard, echoed and amplified in the hallucinatory arabesques of the background.”

— Musée d'Orsay Museum

Delpozo Spring 2015

Art Meets Fashion – The Everlasting Inspiration of Claude Monet

August 18th, 2017 Posted by For Art Lovers 0 comments on “Art Meets Fashion – The Everlasting Inspiration of Claude Monet”

From canvas to couture, Claude Monet's inspiration is timeless. In the past decade, iconic fashion brands such as Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, and Alexander McQueen have mixed elements of Monet’s paintings into their runway collections. Combining historical art and modern fashion, the great master’s impressionist style of painting has never faded over time. In honor of Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week that occurred earlier this month, we’ve picked out our favorite Monet-meets-fashion masterpieces!

1. Chanel Haute Couture Spring 2016 | "A Pathway in Monet’s Garden, Giverny" by Claude Monet 

Chanel Haute Couture Spring 2016 Monet
Source: http://whereiseefashion.tumblr.com/

Monet spent many years in the latter part of his life painting his impressive gardens at his home in Giverny, northern France. This Chanel runway dress brings Monet’s garden to life, demonstrating the beauty of impressionism art!

2. Georges Hobeika Spring Summer 2009 | Claude Monet’s "Midnight Stroll"

Georges Hobeika Spring Summer 2009
Source: https://martabogucinska.wordpress.com/

Georges Hobeika is a Lebanese fashion designer of ready-to-wear clothing and Haute Couture. He decorated this breath-taking dress in layers of sprinkles and florals, imitating the French artist’s impressionist style. The many layers of color, changing from light to dark, seem to mesmerize and draw you inside Monet’s Midnight Stroll!

3. Rodarte Spring Summer 2015 | "Water Lilies" by Claude Monet

Rodarte Spring Summer 2015
Source: Pinterest

The Water Lilies series was the main focus of Monet’s later life. It occupied Monet for three decades, from the late 1890s until his death in 1926, at the age of 86. Water Lilies has inspired many haute couture collections, including the Rodarte sisters, who added historical art elements into their designs. Rodarte is an American luxury brand founded by Kate and Laura Mulleavy in Los Angeles in 2005. Being an innovative brand, Rodarte as an artistic mixture of “high couture, modern femininity, and California influences”.

4. Dolce & Gabbana Spring Summer 2008 | "Water Lilies" by Claude Monet

Dolce & Gabbana Spring Summer 2008
Source: https://martabogucinska.wordpress.com/

The Water Lilies series is also famous for representing Monet’s garden and his love for nature. Many of the Water Lilies paintings were created even when Monet suffered from cataracts! This edition of Water Lilies is one of Monet’s most famous masterpieces and it is re-created as D&G’s whimsical, spring/summer runway dress! Using fabric as canvas, this D&G dress depicts a perfect imitation of the French master’s most-loved paintings.

5. Alexander McQueen | "Water Lilies with Reflections" by Claude Monet

Alexander McQueen | Water Lilies with Reflections by Claude Monet
Source: https://www.wmagazine.com/

Even though Water Lilies is possibly the most famous series of paintings by Monet, few people realize that he worked on more than 250 paintings within this series. This time a more colorful Water Lilies with Reflections inspired this collection by Alexander McQueen, combining modern fashion elements and Monet’s famous artwork together, bringing a youthful, and energetic feeling to the runway!

6. Sportmax SS2012 collection | "Water Lilies" by Claude Monet

Sportmax SS2012 collection
Source: https://martabogucinska.wordpress.com/

Sportmax is a brand by Max Mara, a famous Italian fashion company that owns 35 brands. This version of the Water Lilies becomes the inspiration of Sportmax’s summer ready-to-wear collection!  Every detail of the pieces reflects Monet’s style – the garment patterns seem to be made up of his tiny, thin yet visible brush strokes!

7. Delpozo Spring 2015 | "Water Lily Pond" by Claude Monet 

Delpozo Spring 2015
Source: http://whereiseefashion.tumblr.com/

The color combination of this Delpozo Spring dress is inspired by Claude Monet’s less typical, warm and golden Water Lily Pond. Delpozo is a brand that has a strong personality and style, founded by famous Spanish fashion designer Jesús del Pozo, in 1974.

As you can see, historical art has an eternal influence on modern fashion! Claude Monet once said, "Water Lilies is an extension of my life. Without the water, the lilies cannot live, as I am without art". Today, Monet's Water Lilies still has an everlasting impact on iconic brands such as Chanel, Alexander McQueen, and Dolce & Gabbana!

Iris Interior Shot

Be Print Savvy – From Gicleés to Elevated Prints

July 24th, 2017 Posted by For Art Lovers, Living with Art 0 comments on “Be Print Savvy – From Gicleés to Elevated Prints”

For most art-lovers, the possibility of owning a masterpiece by our favorite artist is out of reach, perhaps impossible.

However, thanks to the power of photography and printing that dates back several decades, we are lucky enough to surround ourselves with all sorts of printed trinkets and merchandise that allow us to live our favorite art every day.

Amongst our shopping carts, we might find posters or prints that we can hang on our walls at home, in the boardroom or maybe in classrooms. Although we get to enjoy the thrill of seeing our favorite masterpiece every day, the quality – and now, texture – that feeling can be heightened the more a piece replicates the details of an original.

So, how do you decide what to buy and what is the difference between a poster, a giclée and an elevated print?

Fine Art Prints

Fine Art Prints are typically serigraphs (screen prints) or lithographs, which both provide vivid and sharp appearances and uses high-quality paper stock. The most valued part of the fine art print process is that they are deemed as “multiple original” prints instead of reproductions. This means each print is made by hand, one impression at a time, and allows for a manual proofing process to make sure each print turns out as intended. In many cases, the artist will work directly with the print maker to check and sign each print, ready to be sold.

These high-quality multiples are often coated with a silken finish that protects the inks and creates an elegant look, striking a balance between quality and affordability.

Proofing and Signing Fine Art Prints. Photo Credit: Mike Lyon and Lyon Arts Ltd

Elevated Prints

The newest in art-printing mediums, elevated prints typically use high end technology to map the color, geometry and brushstrokes of an original painting. Verus Art’s 3D digitization system uses lasers to scan a painting, capturing detail ten times finer than a human hair. Data is then processed and color matched, ready for the printing process, which uses polymer, pigment based inks that are durable and offer the greatest limit in printing colors that are true to the original.

Each print is formed from layer upon layer of fine ink, as opposed to some textured methods of placing a film of ink over a mold. This provides an accurate finish and durable prints that can even be touched and gently wiped clean when needed.

Giclée Prints

Giclée prints are deemed to be one of the best print reproduction options because they created using a sophisticated and patented printing process known as "giclée". Using the highest levels of precision available, the process delivers a fine stream of 12 pigment-based inks (compared to four on a standard digital printer) to saturate the fibers of high-quality watercolor paper. Combined, this results in pure, rich color and remarkable detail that doesn’t degrade or yellow over time.

With such a premium finish that lasts for generations, museums, and galleries around the world favor giclée prints over digital prints. Compared to Fine Art Prints, multiples are printed in a batch and there isn’t usually an involvement from the artist unless they sign a limited edition of prints. However, compared to digital prints, a high-quality scan is used and prints will be color matched to the original piece.

Photo Credit: Soho Frames

Textural Prints

The raised texture of some prints can either create an illusion of canvas or even create the look of 3-D brushwork like that of an original painting. Some techniques use molds that are produced with the texture, before having the colorful film printed and placed on top to match the original brushstrokes. It is common to see marginal errors where the colored surface doesn’t perfectly line up with the texture below.
Most textured prints are created by painting a transparent gel on top of a giclée print. This is typically done by hand, painting the gel in the same motion as the original brushstrokes were painted.

Using loose, brushstrokes or focusing on small areas of the painting still makes for an efficient way to reproduce a painting while keeping texture, as demonstrated in the video below. Even if the paper and inks are high quality, the overall finish allows giclée prints to be represented in a more authentic way than normal 2D brushstrokes.

Offset Printing/Lithography

Although most fine art prints use lithographs, offset lithography is an industrialized version of the same printing technique. Offset lithographs originally became a popular printing technique because thousands of exact replicas could be made that were like drawings on paper, without degradation of the image. Although offset lithographs can be a cost-effective way to print reproductions, the initial outlay to set up a print is the costliest part of the process, making it an unpopular for small print runs. Over 1000 copies are commonly printed from each lithograph plate.

Photo Credit: Creative Review

Digital Printing / Posters

Digital printing is typically the most affordable method of printing as they are often produced on mass scale, with no interaction from artists, and the quality can vary widely. Although digital printing typically uses a four color process, printing technology is always improving and it is common to find watercolor paper, comic paper or high gloss photo paper being used. However, the process and type of inks also mean colors might not last as well as a giclée and, even for prints from a quality print shop, it is expected that color could be as much as 10% off from the original piece.

Large printer format inkjet working detail fresh color

Choosing the Right Print

So, when you are next faced with a dilemma of what prints to spend your hard-earned cash on, our advice is to consider these three main points:

Is texture important?

If an artist’s work is composed of thick, energetic brushstrokes, you’ll not want to miss out on this in a printed form. For the most authentic reproduction of brushstrokes, look for elevated prints that have been digitized, color matched and printed to replicate every original brushstroke.

A great alternative is to consider textured giclée prints as they will give that depth and illusion of real brushstrokes, which would otherwise be lost in a normal 2D print.

Are you investing in art with sentimental value, that you’ll want to keep forever?

If you are investing in work by your favorite artist and have the opportunity to buy a fine art print, in which they have been very involved, this is highly satisfying and worth spending a little extra. Artists will typically work with high-quality printmakers so the paper and inks will look and feel amazing, and will last a long time. In some cases, fine art prints might even increase in value over time.

A more budget friendly option, that still guarantees high-quality ink and paper, is to buy a giclée. However, it’s likely the artist will have little involvement, and prints shouldn’t be considered as an investment opportunity.

Are you looking for an affordable piece to complement your current home décor?

If you find yourself drawn to a piece that would perfectly finish your newly decorated kitchen/bedroom/living room, you might be happy to order a cost-effective digital print. Sure, look for high-quality paper and select from matte/gloss/photo finishes.

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