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The Art of Water Gilded Frames

December 15th, 2016 Posted by Behind the Scenes 0 comments on “The Art of Water Gilded Frames”

Water gilding is an ancient method of applying gold leaf to a surface that has been passed down by talented artisans for generations. While it is a laborious process that can only be completed by hand, the results are stunning – giving the object a luminous appearance like solid gold.

Examples of gilded objects dating back to over 4000 years old have been found, but France perfected the technique during the Renaissance and established its leadership in the art of water gilding. For over a century, the artisans at Laron-Juhl’s Selenar facility in France have used traditional gilding materials and techniques.

These beautiful hand-crafted frames can be found on some of the Verus Art re-creations such as the Monterey frame chosen by the National Gallery to complement Monet’s A Stormy Sea re-creation.

Watch the video below to learn more about the art of water gilding.

Phot credit: Lisa Vollmer Photography via

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