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Happy 150th Birthday, Canada!

June 27th, 2017 Posted by Art News, Behind the Scenes, For Art Lovers 0 comments on “Happy 150th Birthday, Canada!”

Celebrate with the National Gallery of Canada

This weekend, cities, towns, and villages across the country will be celebrating Canada’s special 150th Birthday, and there’s no exception at the Verus Art and Arius Technology office. We’ll be celebrating here in Vancouver, and in spirit with the National Gallery of Canada, over in Ottawa, as the nation’s capital kicks off the biggest birthday bash in the country!

Earlier this month our debut museum partner, the National Gallery of Canada, started to mark the big event with the opening of their new Canadian and Indigenous Art galleries.

Featuring their biggest collection of first nations works yet, this milestone exhibition includes 'Time Immemorial' art from 2000 years ago, all the way through to abstract art from the 1960’s. Visitors can immerse themselves in thematic displays that explore the magnetic north, inhabited landscapes, Canadians abroad, and the emergence of Inuit art.

Another highlight of this rich Canadian experience is to marvel at renowned – and never-before-seen – works by Canadian Heroes such as Tom Thomson, Emily Carr, Daphne Odjig and Norval Morrisseau, as well as the Gallery’s latest acquisitions, like works by James Wilson Morrice and the incredible Ceremonial Coat, by an unknown Naskapi artist.

Our Canadian Hero - Tom Thomson

We’re especially excited to see the original sketches of our Tom Thomson textured reproductions being placed on display, celebrating the lasting impression that Thomson and the Group of Seven have made on Canadian Art over the past 100 years.

Verus Art Tom Thomson Collection

These four sketches remind us of the impact that time can have on nature - whether it's the time of day, time of year or a time in history. A time before cameras were accessible, when Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven went exploring the great outdoors and painting beautiful landscapes for the world to see and enjoy what they might never get the chance to see themselves.

Yellow Sunset
Opening of Rivers
Ice In Spring
Sunset Sky

If you are planning to get to Ottawa soon, the Canadian and Indigenous Art Exhibition will run until Monday, September 4th, 2017, with FREE admission to the gallery on Canada Day, Saturday, July 1st.

Girl with a Pearl Earring at the Mauritshuis

Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring could be yours to take home!

June 26th, 2017 Posted by Art News, Behind the Scenes, For Art Lovers, Girl with a Pearl Earring, Living with Art 0 comments on “Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring could be yours to take home!”

Verus Art® collaborates with The Mauritshuis to reveal their most famous re-creation yet.

What would you do if you could live with the Girl with a Pearl Earring for a day?

Would she be a dinner party conversation piece? Someone to share your morning coffee with? Or would she provide a few minutes of escapism as you dream up a story about her?

In 2014, two lucky fans got to enjoy that very opportunity with a Mauritshuis competition to have their living room recreated inside the museum exhibit. Now, another form of re-creation is turning dreams into reality, except this time anyone can take home the Girl with a Pearl Earring thanks to Verus Art’s world leading 3D re-creations of fine art.

Working in collaboration with The Mauritshuis, the original masterpiece was scanned and digitized before being turned into an elevated print. With the master proof being compared to the original and signed off by museum conservators, Verus Art is offering the most authentic reproductions in the world, detailing every brushstroke and sign of aging, just as you’d it see on the original painting.

“This new technology lets us do things that we weren't able to do before.” says Dr. Emily E.S. Gordenker, Director of the Mauritshuis, who’s signature is also on each Mauritshuis Certificate of Authenticity.

“It uses original dimensions and it was a real revelation to see this reproduction. It lets you get a sense of what the texture of the painting is and how it's been built up in layers. It's a great joy to be able to touch the reproductions. To really feel what that texture is like, when we never do that, of course, with the real paintings. So that is really something new!” explains Gordenker.

Verus Art has also paired the power of touch with their commitment to accessibility, launching Art Connection, their Community Outreach Program. Starting with local elementary schools, they are taking The Girl with a Pearl Earring re-creation into classrooms, alongside pieces by Van Gogh, to help teach children about the world’s greatest artists and how styles have changed in the past 400 years.

Special Museum Edition Girl with a Pearl Earring re-creations are now available to order at

Stormy Sea by Claude Monet on Display at the CNIB Eye Appeal Event

‘Un-Seeing’ Art from a New Perspective

May 19th, 2017 Posted by Art Education, Art News, Behind the Scenes, Education 0 comments on “‘Un-Seeing’ Art from a New Perspective”

Experiencing art through the eyes of the visually impaired

Last week we were proud sponsors of CNIB’s annual Eye Appeal auction, hosted in Victoria, BC. With Eye Appeal raising funds to support the treatment and research for visual impairments, we decided to provide guests with an opportunity to experience art without 20-20 vision, something many of us take for granted.

‘Un-seeing’ the art work

After some brainstorming and a trip to the local mall, we produced our range of ‘un-seeing’ glasses – inspired by Guide Dog for the Blind’s fantastic visual impairment simulator tool.

By donning a pair of our special shades, guests could step into the shoes of someone who lives with impairments like Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy or even Total Blindness. Luckily for our guests, they could switch back to normal vision in seconds. However, the reality of living with such diseases makes day to day life challenging and when enjoying a rare visit to a museum or gallery, the likelihood of exhibitions being multi-sensory isn’t great.

Verus Art Un-Seeing Glasses
Guests got to 'Un-See' the artwork with adapted glasses.

Multi-sensory experiences

Museums around the world are constantly exploring ideas for providing more accessible experiences for guests with disabilities, including those with visual impairments. However, precious artifacts are sensitive to light and heat - let alone the oil and dirt on our fingertips. Experiences that don’t just rely on vision to enjoy, or even understand a piece, are a challenge that needs to be overcome.

Numerous studies support ideas that look beyond visual experiences, by upgrading exhibitions with both audible and touchable content. Another challenge is to provide such experiences for the majority - not the minority - of exhibitions.

Hand touching Monet elevated print
With durable, touchable surfaces, it's possible to connect with the brushstrokes.

How 3D digitization can help

With 3D scanning and printing technology, Verus Art can help overcome such barriers by re-creating masterpieces with the texture and colour of original brushstrokes. Our durable and resilient materials are perfect for seeing and feeling a masterpiece.

There is also potential to further develop our software to help people with visual impairments read images through touch. This could be in the way of developing brail for colour, or by digitally enhancing a subject’s features into 3D form.

Making art more accessible

In addition to exploring how museums could create multi-sensory exhibitions, our ideas for making art more accessible reach far and wide. This month we launched Art Connection, our Community Outreach Program,  focusing on bringing touchable masterpieces into classrooms. Starting with a school tour in Vancouver, BC, we are helping connect children with art from all over the world.

Lord Selkirk Elementary Students Look at Girl with a Pearl Earring
Lord Selkirk Elementary Students get a Close Look at Girl with a Pearl Earring

Verus Art Celebrates a “WINN” for Innovative Canadian Technology

March 2nd, 2017 Posted by Art News, Behind the Scenes, Media Buzz 1 comment on “Verus Art Celebrates a “WINN” for Innovative Canadian Technology”

Western Innovation (WINN) Initiative funding helps companies quickly move their ideas to market

We’re excited to announce that an investment of $2.75 million from the Government of Canada will help further develop and commercialize our innovative art reprographic technology.

At the center of a boost to the Canadian technology sector, the funding was announced by the Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development and Minister responsible for Western Economic Diversification Canada.

This generous investment has been awarded to Arius Technology Inc. to further develop its 3D painting digitization platform, called Arius3D, which uses a laser scanner and robotics system to simultaneously reproduce both the colour and the relief of paintings.

Through the Verus Art collaboration, this will allow museums, art historians, and artists to reproduce and create paintings down to the final brushstroke.

“Canadian companies like Arius Technology Inc. are working hard to bring their innovative services to market. The Government of Canada is proud to support this project that will develop and commercialize new technology for the creative arts industry. It is through organizations like Arius that promote economic growth and create high-quality jobs in Canada.”
- The Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development and Minister responsible for Western Economic Diversification Canada

The Honourable Navdeep Bains
The Honourable Navdeep Bains. Photo Credit: Government of Canada

Supporting Arius3D is one of several successful projects announced under the Western Innovation (WINN) Initiative. This funding supports innovative western-based companies that develop cutting-edge technology, create jobs, and spur the economy.

The WINN program provides a total of $100 million in repayable contributions to small- and medium-sized enterprises in Western Canada. Eligible companies were invited to apply for funding to support activities that move ideas to market more quickly.


“This repayable investment from the Government of Canada will enable Arius Technology to lead the transformation of the multi-billion dollar fine art industry from its 2D past into a 3D future, changing the way people from around the world experience art.”
- Paul Lindahl, President & CEO, Arius Technology Inc.


2017 is shaping up to be an exciting year for Verus Art and Arius Technology Inc. feels very privileged and grateful to be one of the enterprises selected for the program!

Find out more about the Western Innovation (WINN) Initiative on their official website.




A man looking at the golfinch painting sitting on a table

Fabritius’ Goldfinch Takes Flight at the Verus Art Cocktail Reception

February 28th, 2017 Posted by Art News, Behind the Scenes, For Art Lovers, Living with Art, Media Buzz, The Goldfinch, Vancouver Events 1 comment on “Fabritius’ Goldfinch Takes Flight at the Verus Art Cocktail Reception”

After ample research and development, going live last October and launching our first collection with the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa, we at Verus Art® decided it was time for a celebration! Our celebration took form as a Cocktail Reception in Vancouver, where we announced our newest re-creation in our collection - The Goldfinch!

A large room with hardwood floors and about 100 people listening to a speech with cocktail tables
The Permanent was the perfect venue!

This past Thursday we celebrated our the launch of our latest re-creations at The Permanent in downtown Vancouver. And, as our CEO pointed out: what better venue to celebrate all these historical works of art than in a historical venue of Vancouver?

It was a golden opportunity for our guests to grab a drink, a bite and learn more about what Verus Art is doing in the art world right now. We had all of our stunning re-creations on display, encouraging people to get up close – and even touch - the brushstrokes of Van Gogh and Monet, providing them with access to paintings that they would otherwise have to fly across the country to see!

The Iris by Van Gogh on a easel with a hand touching
We encouraged everyone to touch and experience our elevated prints!

The night didn’t end there. After a welcoming speech from our CEO, Paul Lindahl, and a recap of what Verus Art has been doing to support art education, we unveiled our new collection with The Mauritshuis,of the Netherlands.

We were very excited to announce The Goldfinch by Fabritius as our latest re-creation in the Verus Art collection, which is now available in our store as a Special Museum Edition.

Every year, visitors from all over the world travel to the Mauritshuis to look at this special little bird, most recently influenced by Donna Tartt’s book, The Goldfinch. Through pioneering digitisation and elevated printing technology, we are now bringing this famous little bird to the people – allowing communities in even the most remote locations to enjoy a masterpiece by Fabritius.

The goldfinch painting sitting on a table with a description sign beside it
Our newest elevated print!

The night was a big success, with approximately 150 guests, live body painting, a sting quartet, polaroid photos, and re-creations revealed from inside the vault! I think it’s safe to say everyone had a spectacular time. But, for us, the most exciting part of the evening was watching the reactions of people as they relished in the opportunity to feel the exact brushstrokes of Vincent van Gogh or Fabritius; that was truly unforgettable.

three men standing in front of two of our paintings on easels
Part of the Verus Art team! Including our CEO, Paul Lindahl (left)

Don't miss our next event!

If you would also like to see our elevated prints on display, including our brand new Goldfinch, come by our Opening Reception of our Verus Art exhibition at Art Works Gallery in Yaletown, Vancouver on Thursday, March 2nd! The exhibition runs from February 22nd-March 7th. RSVP through our Eventbrite page!

art of water gilding

The Art of Water Gilded Frames

December 15th, 2016 Posted by Behind the Scenes 0 comments on “The Art of Water Gilded Frames”

Water gilding is an ancient method of applying gold leaf to a surface that has been passed down by talented artisans for generations. While it is a laborious process that can only be completed by hand, the results are stunning – giving the object a luminous appearance like solid gold.

Examples of gilded objects dating back to over 4000 years old have been found, but France perfected the technique during the Renaissance and established its leadership in the art of water gilding. For over a century, the artisans at Laron-Juhl’s Selenar facility in France have used traditional gilding materials and techniques.

These beautiful hand-crafted frames can be found on some of the Verus Art re-creations such as the Monterey frame chosen by the National Gallery to complement Monet’s A Stormy Sea re-creation.

Watch the video below to learn more about the art of water gilding.

Phot credit: Lisa Vollmer Photography via

Welcome To The Verus Art Blog

December 1st, 2016 Posted by Behind the Scenes 0 comments on “Welcome To The Verus Art Blog”

Like most organisations, there is more to Verus Art than meets the eye. Granted, our collection of re-creations speaks for itself – being able to make 3D reproductions of masterpieces for people to enjoy in their homes, boardrooms and even in classrooms is incredible.

But the people and processes behind our re-creations are amazing too, which is why we’ll be sharing lots of stories and information on this blog.

Going forward, we’ll be taking you behind the scenes as we work with museums and artists to develop new collections and we’ll be sharing some fun and practical tips for living with art.

We’ll also be reporting on art news and events that have caught our eye and we’ll be inviting you to join us in having some fun putting your (and our) art knowledge to the test with the occasional quiz.

If you ever wish to reach out to our blogging team, please get in touch via

Until next time,

Verus Art


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