Art Connection, our Community Outreach Program

A Touchable Art Education Experience – Thanks to 3D Re-Creations

For those of us who are lucky enough to visit galleries, we’re familiar with being reminded – “Do Not Touch the Artwork” – when we’re admiring paintings from behind a rope or wandering through a sculpture garden. But deep inside, our natural, human curiosity wants nothing more than to reach out and put our oily mitts all over the frame, brushstrokes and paint that’s probably hundreds of years old! That’s why we created Art Connection – our Community Outreach Program.

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Lord Selkirk Elementary Students Learning About Canadian Artists

Bringing the Museum into the Classroom

Organizing school trips to museums and galleries can be difficult and expensive. With re-creations of masterpieces, we are making art accessible by taking art from museums into classroom.

Lord Selkirk Elementary Student Touching Iris

Hands-On and Multi-Sensory Programming

With touchable re-creations, children get to see and feel the brushstrokes of an artist. It’s a far more engaging and interactive experience than looking at screens or textbooks!

Lord Selkirk Elementary Students Look at Girl with a Pearl Earring

Discovering Styles of the Great Masters

We use our re-creations to demonstrate how painting styles have changed over time. Children also learn about the styles of individual artists, including Vermeer and Vincent van Gogh.

Lord Selkirk Elementary Students Learning About Tom Thomson

Feeling Inspired by Canadian Heroes

With pieces from the National Gallery of Canada’s collection we introduce the Group of Seven and Tom Thomson, inspiring children to paint their local landscapes.

Lord Selkirk Elementary Students

Embracing New Technology


In addition to art, we explain the 3D mapping and printing technology behind the paintings – inspiring future engineers as well as artists.

Lord Selkirk Elementary Students Collecting Colouring Pages

Giving Back to the Community

Ensuring the experience has a lasting impact, we provide fun and informative coloring sheets of the masterpieces the children have learned about.

Recently launching our program in Vancouver, BC, we are seeking interest from schools and community centers – both locally and further afield. If you’d like to find out more or nominate a school, please get in touch!

Nominate a School!

Contact our team with details of a school that might like to get involved.

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