The Re-Creation Process

How do we do it? Equal parts, technology and craft.

The Verus Art Re-Creation Process

After years of research, the Verus Art partners have perfected the technology and processes to safely and accurately re-create the world’s most valuable painting masterpieces.

Digitizing Masterpieces

Painting safety is paramount to the digitization process. The Arius Technology painting digitization system has been designed specifically for this demanding application in conjunction with leading museum conservation departments. And since the system is portable, paintings never have to leave the museum.

During digitization the 3D scanner takes hundreds of millions of individual precise measurements of the painting surface. Each measurement includes both the color and the height of the painting surface to a tolerance less than that of a human hair.

Big Data and Colour Management

Using a data pipeline designed by Arius Technology specifically for re-creations, the point measurements are transformed into a 3D digital model which can be used for input by the elevated printer.

In addition to point processing, the Verus Art team have invented color management technology and processes unique to 3D printing to ensure the re-creation color is as close as possible to the original.

Elevated Printing and Framing

Re-creations are brought to life in a secure location by Océ’s proprietary, full color elevated printer.

Master-proofs are provided to museum curators to compare with the original prior to being authorized. Museum conservators and curators work with Verus Art to select a Larson-Juhl frame which complements the work and reflects the historical era of the original.