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Arius Technology plays a key role in creating reproductions of landmark paintings

This laser-scanning startup is part of Verus Art, a venture that makes 3D-printed copies of masterpieces for clients like the National Gallery of Canada.

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Vancouver Courier
Vancouver company re-creates great works of art for students to touch

On May 16, inside the library of Lord Selkirk elementary school, Grade 1 students gathered around paintings of such renowned artists as Vincent van Gogh, Johannes Vermeer, Carel Fabritius and Tom Thomson.

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Iconic Concierge
Re-creation: Protecting the World’s Art

Verus Art’s new mapping and printing technology now makes it possible to reproduce classic works of art with the original brushstrokes and texture intact.

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ART FOR ALL: artwork is reimagined for people with visual impairments

Half of Trendsetters would like to see more representations of people with physical disabilities in entertainment.

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Spring Break 2017: Art you can touch

There are lots of free activities including this ground-breaking downtown Verus Art exhibition where you get to TOUCH the artwork. Imagine that? Talk about kid-friendly!

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Government of Canada Announces $2.75 Million for Innovative British Columbia Art Business

The Canadian technology sector got a boost today through an investment of $2.75 million from the Government of Canada that will help further develop and commercialize an innovative art reprographic technology.

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Vancouver start up makes 3D printing replicas of famous paintings possible

A Vancouver start up has found a way to recreate iconic paintings from Van Gogh and Monet right down to the individual ridges made by their brush strokes.

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Verus Art Gives Masterpieces the 3D Treatment

Until recently, if you wanted a Vincent van Gogh or Monet painting in your home, you had two options: pay millions, or shell out a far more economical sum to get a 2D reproduction.

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Verus Art Creates Fully Textured 3D Printed Reproductions of Famous Paintings

It’s obvious why museums forbid visitors from touching works of art, but I know I’m not alone when I say I’ve been tempted to step up to a painting and lightly run my fingertips over its surface.

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3D art re-creations at the National Gallery of Canada

Over the past year, the National Gallery of Canada has worked closely with Verus Art on the first collection of 3D art re-creations.

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Now You Can Touch a Van Gogh, Thanks to Verus Art

Ever loved a painting so much that you wanted to feel each brushstroke? Now you can thanks to advanced 3D scanning and printing technology.

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Verus Art® Features in CTV Ottawa’s ‘Today’s Top 3’

Watch out for Verus Art in CTV Ottawa’s ‘Today’s Top 3’ feature, which aired on October 19 2016. (featured at 36 seconds)

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La recréation 3D, ou comment rendre des chefs-d’œuvre accessibles à tous

Le 18 octobre dernier, j’ai eu le grand privilège d’assister au lancement de la toute première collection d’œuvres d’art en 3D, au Musée des beaux-arts du Canada à Ottawa.

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Verus Art, a Review

Upon my arrival at the Gallery’s Great Hall, I was surprised to see some of their priceless pieces set up for viewing. Within arm’s reach were pieces by Van Gogh, Monet and Canada’s very own Tom Thomson.

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Verus Art : Les oeuvres des plus grands peintres pour une fraction du prix

La semaine dernière, en collaboration avec le Musée des beaux arts du Canada, j’ai pu assister au tout premier lancement de la collection de recréations d’oeuvres de Verus Art.

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Verus Art et le Musée des Beaux-Arts du Canada lancent une première collection de recréations d’œuvres d’art en 3D

Le 18 octobre 2016, Verus Art (partenariat entre Arius Technology, Larson-Juhl et Océ) et le Musée des Beaux-Arts du Canada ont lancé leur première collection d’œuvres recrées à travers leur collaboration.

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3-D printed copies of famous paintings recreate brush strokes, cracks

A Vancouver company is working with U.S. and Dutch companies to recreate paintings such as Van Gogh’s The Iris.

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Back That Thang Up

Much like on our laptops and cloud servers, there are some valuable physical objects we’d like to back up. (Think fine art.) Is 3D printing the answer?

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Des toiles imprimées en 3D

Des œuvres de grands maîtres bientôt accessibles aux amateurs

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You May Finally Be Able To Own A Van Gogh Painting

These hyper-realistic recreations will only cost you $3,500.

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You can now buy a Van Gogh for $3,500 (sort of)

While you may drool over Van Goghs and Picassos in the museum or at the auction house, actually owning one of them is something only the richest of the rich, rich, rich are able to do.

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Verus Art Launched by Larson-Juhl

Larson-Juhl, the Atlanta headquartered moulding supplier, has announced the launch of Verus Art, provider of re-creations of Master artworks, and is establishing a gallery program.

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Have You Ever Wanted to Touch a Van Gogh Painting? Well, Now You Can

Canadian-based Verus Art has developed 3-D printing technology that can re-create the most renowned paintings in history.

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A Rose by Any Other Name

How science has perfected the art of replicating the masters.


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