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December 1st, 2016 Posted by Behind the Scenes 0 comments on “Welcome To The Verus Art Blog”

Like most organisations, there is more to Verus Art than meets the eye. Granted, our collection of re-creations speaks for itself – being able to make 3D reproductions of masterpieces for people to enjoy in their homes, boardrooms and even in classrooms is incredible.

But the people and processes behind our re-creations are amazing too, which is why we’ll be sharing lots of stories and information on this blog.

Going forward, we’ll be taking you behind the scenes as we work with museums and artists to develop new collections and we’ll be sharing some fun and practical tips for living with art.

We’ll also be reporting on art news and events that have caught our eye and we’ll be inviting you to join us in having some fun putting your (and our) art knowledge to the test with the occasional quiz.

If you ever wish to reach out to our blogging team, please get in touch via info@verusart.com

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Verus Art is passionate about art and technology and our blog is where we will share our stories, ideas and information about these worlds. We'll also be supporting our mission to make art more accessible, focusing on working with museums and artists to put masterpieces into homes, boardrooms and classrooms.

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